Day 16: John 10-14

Listen to : English (ESV) Chinese (UNV) Korean (SKV) Indonesian (NTV) Tagalog (PBS)

Reading List : John 10 - 14

1. We listen to the account of Jesus as the Good Shepherd in John 10. What does the statement ‘I am the Good Shepherd’ mean to you as a follower of Jesus Christ?

2. In the story of Lazarus’ death, Jesus claims to be the Resurrection and the Life. Responding to His claim, Martha (Lazarus’ sister) made a confession about Jesus. Does your heart acknowledge Jesus as Martha’s heart did?

3. John 14 records the account of Jesus comforting his disciples. What does this tell you about Jesus as you live the Christian life?

Questions for Children

Who is a Shepherd?

What does it mean when you say the Lord is your Shepherd?

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