Listening Groups


Code Facilitator Meeting Location Day Time Group Type
N01 Analee Ang Aroozoo Ave Friday 8.00pm mixed group
N02 Benedict (Medelyn Ruth) Azurena Wellington Circle Friday 7.30pm Filipino SG
N03 Bobby (Nerrisa) Custodio Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 Thursday, Friday Evenings Filipino SG
N04 Hana Yuan Springleaf Ave      
N06 John De Guzman / Ruel Alega Compassvale St Friday evenings  Filipinos
N07 Lu Tingang Woodgrove Drive Friday 7-9:30pm Chinese speaking adult w English speaking youths
N08 Matthew (Lu Dong) Hu St Nicholas View Friday 7.30 to 9.45pm Chinese 
N10 Medelyn Ruth Azucena Wellington Circle Sunday 2.00pm Filipino Children Group
N16 Wilson (Esther) Ang Seletar Hills Thursday 8-10 pm  
N18 Ziqi Xie Woodlands Road (The Tennery) Saturday 7.30pm Young Adults (Women)
Code Facilitator Meeting Location Day Time Group Type
S01 Alan (Lynda) Moore Pasir Panjang Road Thursday Evening  
S03 Julian Williams Chwee Chian Road Friday Evening  
S04 Sam (Brenda) Ringwaldt Coral Island Saturday, Sunday Flexible Mixed. Group will be led by husband and wife
S05 Fu Yuming / Jane Gong Pasir Panjang Road Saturday 6.30pm to 10pm Mixed (Chinese speaking)
Code Facilitator Meeting Location Day Time Group Type
E02 Lowie & Faith Camaymayan / Cheryl Taganas Simei St. 1 Monday 7.30pm Filipino Ministry
E05 Sebastian Ng / Sally Kurian Telok Kurau Lor M Friday 7.30pm  
E04 Scott (Jacqui) Rupp Arthur Road Friday  8-10pm  Young Adults (19-35 yrs)
Code Facilitator Meeting Location Day Time Group Type
W01 Abimere (Abimae) Almendarez Clementi Ave 2 Wednesday Evenings Young adults/Young women
W02 Andrew (Jeong) Chi Clementi West St. 1 Friday pm Mixed/Korean
W04 Belle Fajardo / Chit Jurong West Street 42 Friday Friday evening Young Adults
W05 Danny (Betsy) Whittaker Jalan Lempeng Thursday 7pm-9pm Mixed
W06 Kay Cheng / Maya Perera Faber Heights Saturday 10am to 1pm Mixed
W07 Jeremy (Kimi) Crestetto Jubilee Road Sunday 2.30pm Families
W08 Nathan (Mina) Tabile Segar Road Friday 7.00pm  
W09 Ned Medrano Segar Road Any day 6am, 12 noon, 7pm Young Adults
W10 Michael (Terri) Crabtree [FULL] West Coast Crescent Friday 7.00pm  
W11 David Dykema Clementi Ave 5 Friday 7.30pm MIxed
W12 Liza Omori Chua Chu Kang Loop Saturday 8.00pm Mixed
W13 Andy Esguerra / Mheg Esteban / JP Esteban Bukit Batok Street 21 Tuesday 8pm to 10pm Filipino
W14 Candice Bukit Batok Friday 8pm to 10pm Filipino
W15 Abimere (Abimae) Almendarez Clementi Ave 2 Saturday 7.00pm Young adults/Young women
Code Facilitator Meeting Location Day Time Group Type
C02 Andreas Wendtland / Vianney M Lincoln Road Saturday 10am-12pm Mixed group
C03 Chris Shortell / Alfred Cheng Duchess Place Thurday evening Diverse group
C04 Andy Lin Bishan Street 13 Friday 8pm to 11pm Young Adults
C05 Richard Tan / Alex Chan Barker Road Friday 7.30pm to 10.00pm Couples above 35 yrs old
C06 Anthony & Shirley Tan Leonie Hill Road Saturday 3-5pm Mixed
C08 Brian (Stephanie) Curtis Leonie Hill Road Friday  8pm  Young families
C09 Cecilia Mok Suffolk Road Sunday 2.30 - 4.30pm Women
C10 Chi Maronilla / Fred Lim Kim Yam Road Tuesday 8.00pm Mixed
C12 David & Pushpa Dasari / David & Christine Pan Cherry Ave Thursday 8.00 pm Mixed (Men and women)
C13 Deepika Nevill / Magdalene Wong Dalkeith Rd Thursday 7.00pm Women
C14 Ericson Mok / Indra Gunawan Sin Ming Road Saturday 3-5pm Mixed
C15 He Jin Jeon Leedon Heights Tuesday Morning  Korean
C16 Henry Kwan / Clement Ng Robertson Quay Friday 7.30pm Family with children
C18 Jeffrey (Pauline) Boey Mount Sinai Ave Friday 7.30pm mixed group adults
C19 Jin Hian Goh / Eugene Tay Holland Green Friday Evenings mixed group adults
C20 Kent Ng / Poul Lorentzen [FULL] Queens Rd Friday 7:30pm-9:30pm Couples above 40 yrs old
C21 Kevin (Andrea) Kirkpatrick [FULL] Dalvey Road Friday 7.30pm Mixed group, Adults
C22 Luke Tan Woollenton Park Friday  7.30pm   
C23 Meng Peng (Kwee Hong) Ong [FULL] King's Rd Friday 7:30 to 10pm Mixed group, Adults 
C25 Moe (Maggie) Thwin [FULL] Thomson Road Saturday 7.30 - 9.30pm Mixed group
C26 O'Niel Dissanayake / Paul Southern Leedon Heights Friday 7.00pm Mixed
C28 Randy (Julie) Kung Fitton Jalan Membina Sunday 1.30pm on Sundays Couple or mixed group
C29 Steve Reiter Kitchener Link Saturday 2pm to 4pm Young Couples with Young Children
C30 Wendy Hung Greenwood Avenue Saturday 6:30-9:30pm Couples (Cantonese speaking)
C31 Yo-Hahn Low Fernhill Road Friday pm Family
C32 Paul (Fiona) Zakowich Jalan Berjaya Wednesday 7:30pm to 9:00pm Mixed
C33 Alex Chin / Ezline Lee Mount Sinai Rise / Leedon Heights Friday 7.30pm, Co-host with Ezline Lee Adults, Couples 45 and above
C35 Stella Carter Kim Tian Road Friday 7,00pm onwards  
C36 Eunjeong Moe Mount Elizabeth Monday 10.00am Korean women
C37 William Costley / Tim Pinnegar Bright Hill Crescent Wednesday 7.30pm Mixed adults
C38 Benedicto Perez / Dennis Ramirez Bishan St. 11 Friday 8-10pm Filipino / Mixed Group
C39 Ruth Ng Toh Tuck Road TBC TBC Mixed
C40 Jeanna Funtecha Far East Plaza Thursday 8pm to 10pm Filipino
C41 Nino Vidal Far East Plaza Tuesday 8pm to 10pm Filipino
C42 Carol Low / Jeannette Cayea [FULL] Shangri-La Residences Friday 2.30pm to 4.30pm Mixed (Chinese speaking)
C43 Samuel Rhee / Edward Han [FULL] Belmont Road Saturday 8.30pm to 10pm Korean Men
Code Facilitator Day Time Group Type
IBC01 Andrew Loh / Andy Lin Sunday 11.15 am during Sunday School Mixed group of adults
IBC02 Andy (Joy) Esguerra Sunday pm Fiilipino group
IBC03 Andy (Susan) Lim Sunday Sunday afternoon, 3.00 pm in IBC Chinese speaking
IBC04 Angie Tabaquero Sunday 1-2pm Filipino Ministry (women)
IBC05 Antony (Kerry) Moess Sunday Held during Youth Group in B2. Youth
IBC06 Victor Yee Sunday Held during Youth Group in B2. Youth
IBC07 Beverly Quek Sunday 11.15am Youth
IBC08 Cecilia Wong Wednesday 2.00pm Women
IBC09 Clara Lee Wednesday 8.00pm Young Adult Women only (19-35 yrs old)
IBC10 Daniel Boey Friday 8.00- 10.00pm, 84, Queen's Road Young Adults (19-25 yrs old)
IBC11 Edwin Chan / Joseph Sin Sunday 9.15 am during Adult Sun Sch Mixed
IBC12 Elliot Tan Sunday Youth service Youth
IBC13 Faith Camaymayan Sunday 3.00 pm, Sunday in IBC Youth
IBC14 Ferdian Widjaja / Oluf Svendsen Saturday 10am to 12 noon FBI groups
IBC15 Francis Ng     Youth
IBC17 Jairo Fernandez / Alan Liu Friday evenings Young families
IBC18 Jerry Goh / Steve Willett [FULL] Wednesday evening, 7.30pm in IBC; Room 02-06 mixed group adults
IBC19 Jody (Hannah) Esguerra Sunday Youth Listening Gp Youth
IBC20 Joseph Sin / Edwin Chan Friday 7.30pm to 9.30pm Our small group
IBC21 Juliana Bing / June Chan Saturday 3-5pm Women
IBC23 Krisna (Yen Yen) Surya Sunday 11.15am after service at B2 Indonesian Gp
IBC24 Brian Chan / Jamie Lee / Laney Low Saturday 5-7pm Mixed
IBC25 Lemuel (Angeline) Kumarga Saturday 2.30-4.30pm Young Adults (19-35 yrs old)
IBC26 Leonora Corpuz Sunday 1.30 - 2.30pm  
IBC28 Lloyd (Julie) Longos Sunday 4.00pm Filipino leaders
IBC29 Lovelee Laspinas / Ligaya Guatane Sunday IBC, pm Women 
IBC30 Malte (Robyn Kim) Rode Saturday 4-6pm Young Families 
IBC31 Mark (Jeann) Ng Friday  8pm   
IBC32 Matthew Jackson Sunday 11.15 to 12.30pm Youth 
IBC34 Mee Yin (May) Wong Sunday 11.15am Youth
IBC35 Paul Misir / Michael Barg Wednesday 7.30pm Men only
IBC36 Peter Ng Sunday  9.15am  Sunday School (Chinese Speaking) 
IBC38 Susan Mai Sunday Sunday afternoon, 3pm in IBC Chinese speaking
IBC39 Noel Goh / Alan Moore Tuesday 7.30pm, Co-hosting with Ps. Alan, Tues night choir gp Mixed group
IBC40 Richard Poolman Sunday During Youth Services Youth
IBC41 Laura Novak Sunday 9.15 Youth service Youth
IBC42 Mary Ann Rombaoa Sunday pm  
IBC43 MIke Spier Sunday 10.00am Youth
IBC44 Shawn MacBride Sunday Morning Youth
IBC45 Eric Surjawinata Sunday 1.30 to 2.30pm Families
IBC46 Belle Suemith Fajardo Sunday Afternoon Young Adults (Filipino Ministry)
IBC47 Barry Quek Sunday Morning Youth
IBC48 Zenaida Sabado / Christine Lovino Sunday 1.30 to 2.30pm Mixed
IBC49 Sofie Ledda / Ana Jean Golilao Sunday (B2) 1.30 to 2.30pm Filipino
IBC50 Thess Arzadon Sunday (IBC Wooden Deck) 1.30 to 2.30pm Mixed
IBC51 Rhea Lavilla Sunday (HDB block opposite) 1.30 to 2.30pm Filipino
IBC52 Marge Encarnado / Judily Cabusbusan Sunday (HDB block opposite) 1.30 to 2.30pm Filipino
IBC53 Jeanna Funtecha / Precilla Sarvida Sunday (IBC Wooden Deck) 11.30am to 12.30pm Filipino
IBC54 Adrian / Anna Ng [FULL] Sunday 3pm to 5pm Families with Children
IBC55 June Chan Sunday 4.00pm Mixed, IBC Choir / Orchestra
IBC56 Junita (Yen Yen) Sunday (B2-05) 11.15am Indonesian Ministry
IBC57 Arlyn Daza / May Ann Sabillon Sunday (HDB block opposite) 1-3pm Women, Filipino Speaking
IBC99 Dr Rodney Woo Sunday 5pm to 7pm Mixed

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