Day 7: Mark 7-11

Listen to : English (ESV) Chinese (UNV) Korean (SKV) Indonesian (NTV) Tagalog (PBS)

Reading List : Mark 7 - 11

1. The listening today begins with Mark’s emphasis on being ‘clean’ and ‘unclean’ (Mark 7). What does Jesus say about what makes a person clean?

2. In Mark 9, Jesus talks about little children and the need to welcome them. What are the characteristics of the little children’s heart described by Jesus and how is your heart like it?

3. We have completed the first week of the listening program! Reflect on the ways that you can apply into your life what you have heard this week.

Questions for Children

What did the Pharisees accuse Jesus’ disciples of while they were eating their food? (Mark 7: 1 – 15)

How did Jesus answer them?

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