Week 3

Question 1

John 14 to 17 contains an almost continuous flow of words from Jesus.

If you have a red-letter Bible, you will see that these pages are almost completely red.

Scan through the materials. What impact you the most among all that Jesus said?

Question 2

John’s Gospel has the most explicit references to Christ as the Son of God and the divinity. It also includes more about the resurrection than any other Gospels in the Bible.

Why is the truth about Christ as the Son of God and His resurrection central to the salvation of humankind?

Look at the narratives in John 20: 24 – 31 and John 21: 15 – 25, discuss the encouragement you find in these verses, especially for those of us who struggle at times in our faith.

Question 3

In Acts, we see that the Church had to wrestle through change because of the diverse backgrounds of the people involved.

What can we learn as an international church from how the leadership in Acts handled diversity and differences of cultural, social and educational backgrounds of the brethren?

Question 4

What have you done / planning to do to apply what you have learnt or heard this week?

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