Small Group Directory

Location Facilitator Day/Time
Ang Mo Kio SG Matthew Hu Friday/7.30-9.45pm (Chinese Adults)
Aroozoo Ave SG Analee Ang/Antony Moess Friday/8pm (Mixed Adults)
Arthur Road SG Scott and Jacqui Rupp Friday/8-10pm (Mixed Adults)
Belmont Road SG Sam Rhee/Eward Han Saturday/8.30-10pm (Korean Men)
Bright Hill Crescent SG Tim and Liza Pinnegar Wednesday/7.30pm (Mixed Adults)
Clement Ave 5 SG David and Ros Dykema Friday/7.30pm (Mixed Adults)
East Meets West (Ewe Boon Rd) YH and Lynn Pak Alternate Sat/2-4pm (Mixed Adults)
Holland Green SG Jin Hian Goh/Eugene Tay Friday evenings (Mixed Adults)
IBC, #02-06 SG Mark Ng Friday/8pm (Alternate weeks; mixed)
IBC Group - Young Families SG Malte Rode Saturday/4-6pm (Young Families)
IBC Tuesday SG Noel and Elaine Goh Tuesday/7.30pm (Mixed Adults)
IBC Wednesday SG David and Christine Pan Alternate Wed/8pm (Mixed Adults)
IBC - FBI SG Oluf Svendsen/Ferdian Widjaja Saturday/10am-12 noon (Mixed Adults)
IBC Ladies SG Julianna Bing/June Chan Saturday/3-5pm (Ladies)
Jalan Berjaya SG Paul and Fiona Zakowich Tuesday/7.30-9pm (Mixed Adults)
Jalan Lempeng SG Danny and Betsy Whittaker Thursday/7-9pm (Mixed Adults)
Kim Yam Road SG (River Valley) Chi Maronilla/Fred Lim Tuesday/8pm (Mixed Adults)
Leedon Heights SG He Jin Jeon Tuesday/8pm (Korean Ladies)
Lincoln Road SG Andreas and Julie Wendtland Saturday/10am-12noon (Mixed Adults)
SG@67 Meng Peng and Kwee Hong Friday/7.30-10pm (Mixed Adults)
Life@IBC Keith Carter/Sebastian Ng/Alan Liu Friday/7.30pm (Young Families)
Mt Sinai SG Jeffrey and Pauline Boey Friday/7.30pm (Mixed Adults)
Queen's Road SG Kent Ng/Paul Lorentzen Friday/7.30-9.30pm (Couples > 40 yrs)
Richard Tan SG Richard and Siew Ying Friday/7.30-10pm (Mixed Adults)
Seletar Hills SG Wilson Ang Thursday/8-10pm (Mixed Adults)
Shalom@Greenwood SG O' Niel and Nilushi Friday/7.30pm (Mixed Adults)
Shine@IBC Keith Cater/Alan Liu Friday/7.30pm (Young Families)
Suffolk Road SG (Novena) Cecilia Mok Sunday (2nd & 4th)/3-5pm (Ladies)
Thomson Road SG Moe and Maggie Thwin Saturday/7.30-9.30pm (Mixed Adults)
West Coast SG Michael Crabtree Friday/7pm (Mixed Adults)
Woollenton Park SG Luke Tan Friday/7.30pm (Mixed Adults)
Bedok SG Nitin Aggarwal Friday/7.30pm (Mixed Adults)
Chua Chu Kang Loop SG George and Liza Tan Alternate Sat/7-9.30pm (Mixed Adults)
Location Facilitator Day/Time
Kingdom Chicks: IBC SG Clara Lee Wednesday/7.30pm (YA Ladies)
Bishan St 13 SG Andy Lin Friday/8-11pm (Young Adults, mixed)
God's Minions SG Daniel Boey Friday/8-10pm (84, Queen's Road)
IBC Young Couples SG Steve Reiter Saturday/2-4pm (Kitchener Link)
IBC Saturday YA SG Lemuel and Angeline Kumarga Saturday/2.30-4.30pm (YA, mixed)
Sing Ming Road SG Indra Gunawam/Erickson Mok Saturday/3-5pm (Young Adults, mixed)
Clementi SG Abimere Almendarez Saturday/7pm (YA, Young Ladies)
Location Facilitator Day/Time
IBC Youth 1 Jody and Hannah Esguerra Sunday
IBC Youth 2 Elliot Tan Sunday
IBC Youth 3 Francis Ng Sunday
Location Facilitator Day/Time
Small Group - IBC Heng Yong/Ming Susilo Sunday/11.15am
Location Facilitator Day/Time
Living Stone - Cantonese Wendy Hung 1st and 3rd Saturday/6.30-9.30pm
Wellspring Group Matthew Chan 2nd and 4th Saturday /6.00-9.00pm
Mustard Seed Lin Rong 2nd and 4th Friday/6.30pm
Oasis Group Chen Min 2nd and 4th Saturday/5.00pm
Young Adult Group Ivy Tang Yuhui 1st and 3rd Friday/6.30pm
Woodlands Rock Peter Ng/Louisa Friday/7-9.30pm (Chinese Adults, English Youth)
Lighthouse Group Yuming Fu/Jane Gong Saturday/6.30-10pm (Mixed Adults)
Live out Love Dance Group Tan Ping Yu Friday/10am to 12 noon

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