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Camp Freedom

Registration has closed and we are looking forward to a blessed time with you!

Freedom in Christ, in Community, and in Expression

What's going to happen pre-camp?

We will be splitting youths into tribes with their members already known before the camp.

  • They will be meeting up before the camp to discuss how they would like to design their "Tribe Identity" - an object or a clothing adornment that identifies them as a tribe
  • They will also be given a name - their "mortal" and they will become the angel of that "mortal". Throughout the camp, a card-messaging system will be established for them to encourage their mortals without revealing their identity. The grand exposé will be conducted on the last day of the camp.
  • The actual schedule, camp booklet, a hand-written card from our Youth Director who will be praying over each participant and the camp tee will be distributed to all participants on the 1st day of the camp.

Pay attention to your email inbox!

We will be sending out briefing dates, camp information, itinerary, packing list etc.. via email and so, do pay attention to emails sent from glenn@ibcs.org