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Sermon Outline

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29 January 2023

Come and Follow

Mark 1:14-20


  1. The King announces the arrival of the Kingdom of God (Mark 1:14-15)
  2. Divine ___________ (1:14-15)
  3. The forerunner fulfills His ___________ – (1:14)
  4. The King arrives in God’s timing
  5. Disciple’s response (1:15)
  6. Divine ___________ (1:15)
  7. Kingdom ___________
  8. Disciple’s response (1:15)
  9. The King calls us to follow Him (1:16-20)
  10. The King’s ___________ call (1:16-20)
  11. Personal call
  12. Jesus ___________ out His disciples (1:16;19)
  13. Jesus ___________ to disciples (1:17,20)
  14. Follow Me
  15. Make you fishers of men
  16. Power of the caller
  17. Disciples’ unconditional ___________ (1:18,20)
  18. Leave all (1:18,20)
  19. Follow the King (v.18,20)

Discussion Questions

  1. Jesus personally calls each and every one of us to come and follow Him. How will you respond to Him today?
  2. As we move towards our destination together, how can we help you journey along with others?

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Ministry Updates


  • Jan 29: Witnessing Blitz - 10:30am briefing in B2, 11am Gospel-sharing at Botanic Gardens
  • Feb 1: Women's Bible Study - with morning and evening sessions on Mondays and Thursdays


  • Feb 1, Wednesday: English as a Second Language classes start
  • Feb 5, Sunday: Church-wide Prayer Meeting
  • Feb 9, Thursday: Women's Bible Studies launch
  • Feb 12, Sunday: Connection Lunch for those who have yet to be connected with any group
  • Feb 17, Friday: Couples' Night
  • Feb 19, Sunday: VBS Workers' Registration launch
  • Feb 25, Sunday: EQUIP Training 1/4

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Previous Week's Sermon Outline

22 January 2023

Preparing to Come - Part 2

Mark 1:1-12-13


  1. Walkthrough the text
  2. Key concepts in verse 12
  3. Key concepts in verse 13
  4. Connection to Baptism
  5. Identity reveals ___________
  6. Jesus’ ___________ in the wilderness
  7. Implications for us ___________

Discussion Questions

  1. Where do you need Christ’s redemption, grace, and forgiveness today?
  2. As we prepare to come and follow Christ, to whom do we need to extend His grace and forgiveness?

Pray or speak with one of our pastors. 

Email prayer@ibcs.org to set an appointment.

Giving Updates


"Honor the Lord from your wealth and from the first of all your produce;

So your barns will be filled with plenty and your vats will overflow with new wine."

- Proverbs 3:9-10

January 22, 2023

  • General Fund: S$73,222.00
  • Weekly Budget: S$100,000.00
  • Designated Fund: S$641.00

If you feel led to financially support God's work at IBC, please take note of the giving options listed below.


You may download this QR code as an image in your photo gallery on your phone or tablet. Just tap and hold to save/download.

  1. On your mobile banking app, go to PayNow and do any of these:
  2. Scan the QR code;
  3. Upload the saved QR code from your photo gallery; OR
  4. Enter the UEN: S73SS0007A
  5. Indicate the amount to be given.
  6. Under Bill OR Reference No., indicate type of giving (eg, Tithe/Offering, COVID, Lottie Moon).
  7. Review transaction details and confirm transfer.


Please note: our local Citibank account has been closed since August 11, 2021. Kindly transfer all givings to our OCBC account. Thank you!

SGD Bank Account

  • Beneficiary Name: International Baptist Church of Singapore
  • Beneficiary Bank: OCBC Bank
  • Account No: 712872563001

US$ Bank Account

  • Beneficiary Name: International Baptist Church of Singapore
  • Beneficiary Bank : OCBC Bank
  • Account No : 503-466-229-301 (USD)

Singapore Quick Cheque Deposit

  1. Please make cheque payable to "International Baptist Church of Singapore"
  2. Indicate IBC's OCBC account number (712-872-563-001) at the back of the cheque
  3. Drop it into the "Quick Cheque Deposit Box" at any OCBC branch

Please tag your gifts so we can allocate them accordingly.

'Tithe/Offering' - for general fund

'COVID' - to support IBC's local and international COVID mission efforts

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