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About IBC

Our vision and values, plus our team of leaders.

Our Vision

IBC is God's home for the nations that seeks to unite all people to Christ in love by making disciples for the glory of God--a community of sinners saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ and inspired by the Holy Spirit. We seek to glorify God, nurture one another and express the love of God both in words and deeds.

The International Baptist Church of Singapore is a very unique expression of the body of Christ. The vast majority of churches reflect one nationality, culture, or ethnicity, but in a refreshing contrast, IBC is composed of believers from 55 different nations. Scripture clearly teaches that heaven will celebrate every nation, tribe, people and tongue gathered around the throne to worship the Lamb of God (Revelation 7:9).

Our challenge to you is why wait to arrive in heaven to experience heaven right here on earth? We all equally share the image of God at the time of creation (Genesis 1:27) and we will all enjoy His salvation together throughout eternity, but there remains dividing walls between believers. However, in the midst of our great ethnic diversity in IBC, there is a spiritual unity in the person of Christ that transcends all other barriers. When we worship together, serve together, and live together as a community of believers and love each other, the world will know that we are His disciples (John 13:34).

Our Values

We are:

  • CHRIST-centered: We desire each person to experience a personal, intimate relationship with Christ, the Head of this church.

  • BIBLE-based: We allow the Bible to infiltrate every aspect of church life and to function as the sole authority for every area of our individual faith and practice.

  • PRAYER-focused: We exercise humility, authenticity and dependency in prayer to God in every area of our church life.

  • DISCIPLE-making: We commit to reproducing devoted disciples of Christ, cultivating in believers loving obedience, sacrificial service, and mutual accountability.

  • UNITED in diversity: We affirm our unity in Christ while celebrating our ethnic, socioeconomic, racial, linguistic, and educational diversity.

  • MISSION-minded: We capture our Heavenly Father’s heart for the nations in spreading the Gospel in Singapore and beyond.

Our Team

We are thankful to be blessed with a team of full-time pastors, ministry heads, admin staff and lay leaders looking after the spiritual and operational needs of our church. Get to know them here soon!

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