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ONE Hearing The Word

APR 03 - MAY 19 | 7 weeks of listening to the Gospel of Matthew

ONE Lord. ONE Church. ONE Word

One Church journeying together, following One Lord, Jesus Christ, guided by One Word.


ONE HTW is a seven-week program that will get all of IBC listening together to the Gospel of Matthew.

Our goal is that every worshipper will be a Listener, and that every Listener will be actively engaged in weekly study with a Listening Group, where we get to experience the scriptures come alive in video narratives and group discussions. Each week will then be punctuated with a sermon (also from the Gospel of Matthew) that we’ll hear together as one Church.

In summary, ONE HTW has three components: Individual listening + devotion, Listening Groups (with discussions), and Church sermons.

When does it start and end? How will the 7-week program look like?

We will officially kick-off the program on Easter Sunday, March 31, and start listening to the Gospel of Matthew together on April 3 (Wednesday). It will culminate with a church-wide celebration on May 19 (Sunday).

Here’s an overview of our weekly schedule, with the three ONE HTW components:

  • Individual: daily listening at own time and own place
  • Listening Group (LG): weekly listening + discussions at the LG’s choice of time and location (online or in-person)
  • Church Sermon: at our weekly worship, Saturdays (5pm) or Sundays (9am or 11am)

What happens between now and Easter?

For the weeks leading to Easter, we hope to continuously increase awareness about this church-wide program that we’re inviting all of IBC to be a part of. Spread the word! It doesn’t matter if you’re new, kind of new, or have been at IBC for a while—we encourage you to save the dates (April 03 - May 19) and mark them on your calendars. We will continuously provide more information in the coming weeks.

How can I take part in this IBC-wide program?

We’re so glad you asked! There are two ways to take part in IBC’s ONE HTW:

  • Sign up as a Listening Group Facilitator (LGF) NOW! As an LGF, you will only need to host and facilitate a group for 7 weeks. The maximum group size is 12. Training and materials will all be provided. We’ll make sure you’re ready to go! To prepare for all of IBC to be in an LG, we are trusting God for 100 LGFs! Please register by February 18.
  • Sign up as a Listening Group Member (LGM). Not keen to be an LGF? That’s okay! We’ll open LGM registrations on February 25. You can sign up for your group of choice then.

I have more questions. How may I reach out to the ONE HTW team?

Please send us an email at onehtw@ibcs.org and we'll be happy to help!