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IBC's Privacy Policy

Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy (PDPA)

IBC is an international church with attendees of many ethnicities from many nationalities. Our vision statement is "IBC is God's home for the nations that seeks to unite all people to Christ in love by making disciples for the glory of God".

We aim to persuade people to become disciples of Jesus Christ, to baptize believers and to invite them to join our church for worship, for Bible study and for fellowship such that believers may become spiritually mature and involved in realizing IBC's vision for Singapore and the rest of the world.

IBC Communications and Media staff and volunteers have been commissioned for active ministry to help capture important moments throughout the year. Photos and other media captured will be used for IBC's communication materials with the purpose of sharing about Christ and His church. By taking part in IBC's worship services, ministries, or other programs, you are granting consent for IBC to use your personal information, including images, for documentation and future promotional materials.

Protecting others' information is Biblical

Matthew 12:36 says, "But I tell you every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting in the day of judgement."

This Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy is adopted by International Baptist Church of Singapore to define the way it shall manage personal data in accordance with (and as defined by) the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 of Singapore (PDPA). IBC respects the privacy of individuals and recognizes the need to treat personal data in an appropriate and lawful manner. IBC commits itself to comply with its obligations in this regard as set forth herein with respect to all personal data it handles.

Please be sensitive when taking photos or videos

There are many events held at, or organized by, IBC where attendees take photographs or videos and share them with the public. While there is nothing in this policy which prevents or restricts such activity, we request that you obtain the prior permission of those whom you photograph or video, especially in sensitive moments, and where their publication could potentially bring harm to those involved.

We don't make marketing calls

In addition to personal data protection, the Act also prohibits organisations from calling (by phone, fax or text message) persons for marketing purposes. While IBC does not engage in telemarketing, IBC may call members or attendees to invite, inform, or remind them of events. IBC makes the reasonable assumption that members or attendees who have provided us with their contact details have agreed to be contacted by IBC staff and/or volunteers.

Queries or complaints

If you believe that this policy has not been followed in respect of personal data about you or others, please contact IBC's Data Protection Officer (DPO) as soon as possible by email to dpo@ibcs.org, or by post to International Baptist Church of Singapore, 81 King's Road, Singapore 266358, attention to Data Protection Officer.

We comply to the PDPA

To view IBC's Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy, click HERE.